$35 in groceries every week free

1. Go to link:

create your account and you should be given a $20 credit.

If you don't receive the credit, use this: COOKWME-WC3TJJWBZMX

2. Build your cart, choose when you want your order to come in, then add promo code also: MAY22M15

for another $15 off.

Order total $35+ before shipping to have both promo codes apply. Total should just be shipping cost

3. Once your order charges you can cancel your sub as it is a weekly subscription. You can loop with your own referral code and just cancel your subs.

-You need a burner phone number like Text verified, Google Voice, and more

1). Go here and make an account and then download the Klarna App.

2). Buy an item of $10 or more using Klarna. There’s a few gift cards you can buy, search up Gift Card in the app.

3). Make your first payment, after your first payment is processed, go back and pay it in full

4). After you complete a purchase, you should receive $30 Amazon Gift Card, and a $5 Gift Card within 24 hours

5). Copy your referral code, and use that for your next accounts to get 65$ in total.

Max referrals is 10 ($300) for each account, move onto the next when you max out the referrals

-Use a computer with google chrome, its 10 times easier

1. Create Gmails and log into chrome extensions on a computer with the Gmails you made (Has to be Gmail)

2. Sign up for Spotify with the emails you will use for Vana.

-Search up some of your favorite artists and follow 10 of them, when you are on their profile page, like their top 5 songs.

-Then click on a random playlist and favorite all 50 of the songs.

-Let the songs play in the background on mute for about an hour (or overnight if you wanna be safe)

-IF you let the playlist play for an hour and there are still some songs left skip through them till you reach the end

-(I usually have multiple chrome extensions open while the songs play)

3. Once that's done go to Vana ( and log in using the gmails you used Spotify with.

4. Create the "My App" on the Spotify developer dashboard and put your client id in Vana. JUST DO WHAT VANA SAYS YOU NEED TO DO

5. If you did the Spotify set up correctly then it should let you get to the survey and here's how I answer the survey.


-22 yrs old

-Postgraduate Degree

-Income 50k-75k

-No eating problems at all

-Born in the year 2000 (has to match age btw)


-Just do what a 22 yr old would answer

6. Then, just randomly select answers until you are done.

7. When you reach the image rating, don't just click "like" on all of them, instead just make it random. (and yes, you do have to do the image rating )

8. Once you've completed the survey successfully go to this link ( and answer the questions to get verified from fraud.

9. If it's been 48 hours and you haven't got the amazon gift card code, you can contact support and tell them you've completed it but have got a code, they will fix it and you should get your code within 48 hours of doing that.

10. Your Done! You can either redeem the gift cards or sell them at for a lower price. HAVE FUN DON'T MISS OUT