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Blog 7/24 Titled: Sports Cards Investments. "It's been 2 months and this is what happened"

Hey guys welcome to Day 1 on my Blog. I do a podcast so check that out on if you don't wanna read but this will be just the same content written. So this article is gonna be about how i bought graded PSA 10 cards about less than 2 months ago. AND what happened? So i started with Kevin Durrant Topps RC. I bought 1. Then I was like look FlipFlip. It's Kevin Durant. One of if not the biggest names in the NBA. He's injured but he's a all time player. For $400?!?!!?!? Come on. So then i bought 6. Now what happened after that is just a extra sweet thing. @garyvee posted on IG he bought a ton of this card. Now the card is at $800. BUT this card without that is a 1k+ card. 1k is actually low in my opinion. So if you're reading this here you go. Buy KD Topps Rookie Card PSA 10. Check in with me later when he comes back we can laugh about how much it's worth now.

My next public investment is Lebron James PSA 10 shooting rookie card also Topps. Funny story my wife was wondering why I would pay $5k each for a card. I told her it's gonna hit $10k before you blink it's a sure thing. Now the card is almost at $20k. so I made $30k profit in 2 months on just those two cards. It's crazy guys. The market is gonna explode once the NBA restarts so if you're not in yet, well. Yeah.

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