FREE $10 Amazon Gift Cards

Materials: PC/Phone Catchalls (plural), or simply register gmail, hotmail, etc.

Patience is required because the reward takes three business days to arrive.

To begin, go to

Once there, choose up to five software items to review. It will only allow you to review one, but you can choose more if you are unable to review one for any reason.

Go to Google and type in review for (insert software name).

Take the review and go to or any other site that will rewrite it in different words. They will look for your review. You can also just write a quick review, which is preferable, but if you want to get these reviews out quickly, use the first method.

Wait three business days. They manually check your reviews.

Create a new account using your catchall; however, because these are manually reviewed, you may want to use junk gmail and yahoo emails. It's free either way.

Steps 1-6 must be repeated.


This website will run writing promotions from time to time, such as 10 reviews for $100 or 5 for $50.

You can use the account to write multiple reviews, but they will sometimes only credit one of them. It's best to run 5-10 junk emails through once. Wait for all accounts to be paid before running through the process again.

This process takes three business days. As a result, don't expect instant emails. However, they are usually completed in less than three days. They will, however, slow down as more and more people arrive. For additional help join our discord

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