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FREE Fliff Sports Bet Profit $140+

Just deposit $100 and win $240 fully withdraw-able within 24 hours. In addition to the $140 profit, you can now make an additional $27 profit today, and then $31 profit for the following 7 days, and then $36 profit on October 31st. Go quick, because this promo ends at the end of the month!!!

Using this bonus, we will betting on two outcomes of the same game.

Over and Under

  • One of them will hit for $190 withdraw-able cash.

  • There is also an additional way to profit an extra $49.50 withdrawable cash bonus at the end.

1. Download the Fliff App here and use this code when signing up 34919.

(make sure to use all of your real information)

2. Once signed up in the app, tap the “Wallet” icon in the bottom middle of the screen. Now tap the three lines on the top right of the screen, and then tap redeem Fliff Cash.

3. A verification screen will appear, select continue, now enter your real information and scan your ID/Form of Identity. Once you are verified close the app and reopen to update.

4. Now verified, tap the “Cashier” icon in the bottom right of the screen. Scroll down and tap the bottom right option, “2,000,000 Fliff Coins and $200 Fliff Cash for $99.99”. Purchase this bonus with whichever payment method you prefer.

5. Now with $200 in Fliff Cash showing in your wallet, head over to the “Sports” icon in the bottom left corner. In the top right toggle and switch the betting to show you’re using Fliff Cash to bet, your border should turn Green.

6. Now to bet on the same game, navigate to the NBA or NFL tabs and find a game with -110 odds for both the OVER and UNDER options and you will be betting $100 on each of these options.

7. First lets select the OVER option and the quick pick menu will appear. Now delete the current amount using the bottom right Delete Arrow Key and then tap the “+$50” symbol twice so that the “Risk” amount shows $100 and “Payout” amount is $190. After submitting your bet, a pop up will ask to copy to coins, just tap the “X” to exit the pop up.

8. Now repeat the previous step but for the UNDER option. After submitting your bet, a pop up will ask to copy to coins, just tap the “X” to exit the pop up again.

9. We will now be doing the same thing with coins. Go back to the top right toggle and switch the betting to bet with coins, the border will now appear Golden.

10. Repeat Step 6, except find a different NBA or NFL game with -110 odds, also this time bet 1,000,000 coins on both the OVER and the UNDER.

11. Your wallet will now show $25. Go back to the “Cashier” icon tab and toggle the switch to use XP to buy “Coins & Fliff Cash”.

  • Buy 230,000 coins & $24 Fliff Cash for 2000 XP FIRST, and then buy 50,000 coins & $6 Fliff Cash for 500 XP.

12. Go to the “Sports” icon, select the boosted tab, scroll down until you find the “Double Your Money” promo. Select it and bet MAX $20.00 Fliff Cash. Now you can also bet MAX coins on it as well.

13. With the remaining $10 Fliff Cash, repeat Step 6 with betting $5 on each the OVER and UNDER. This will now add an extra $49.50 withdraw-able cash to the $190 we made earlier for $139.50 Total Profit. If you need help join our Discord

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