FREE Gas Guide and Discounts

Minimum $1.10+ off per gallon of Gas deal in cashback savings Loop If you spend $70 at $5 a gallon you get at least $24 in cashback or more

1. Download the Upside App

2. Create an account and when it asks if you have a promo code, enter NINJA25. YOU MUST SELECT THE SIGN UP WITH AN EMAIL. DO NOT USE THE FACEBOOK/GMAIL/ETC OPTIONS

3. After creating your account, go to profile section

4. You should see the promo code section. Select edit on it and then add each of these codes one at a time: SNAP37, 7CENTBONUS, SHOPPERS35, COMEBACK6. These codes will all stack with the first code you used.

5. Once you've added all of the codes, select the “My Wallet” section and add the card that you plan to use at the Gas Station.

6. Now go back to the main section of the app and find any nearby fuel offers on the app and click on any station of your choice. Here you can see which stations are closest and which offer the biggest discounts. Some stations may state you have a set time frame in which you have to fill there. The details will display before you claim

7. Claim the deal for the station you want and head there. Fill up your tank at that station and print a receipt just incase it's needed.

8. You should see “Check In” in the app for that station, select it.

9. As long as you used the card you have on file in the app, they will process your cashback from anywhere between 24hrs to up to 1 week.

10. Once your cashback is processed, you will have a balance in the app which you can withdraw via bank, paypal, or thru a gift card! Loop gas savings!

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