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Pokemon Cards. Be early, Be wealthy.

Hey wanted to check in on the Blog as Pokemon cards have been a subject as I'm sure you probably know. I try to be as early as possible and again we hit it right on the money. A few months ago as I say on my podcast i was listening to garyvee trying to convence everyone to buy pokemon cards. Most just thought it was silly. For me it was instantly yes, yes, yes. Pokemon has a cult like fanbase, nostalgia, and IT factor. Right away i went to my computer and bought all the starter pokemon. Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and more! PSA 10s. I shared with our team to buy ALL 1st Edition 1999 Shadowless Pokemon cards in PSA 9-10. They will go up. It is a dying breed and look what happened. Logan Paul, Garyvee, Logic, and more made huge videos on the collectibles. Boxes, cards, and more have continued to go up. Example: I bought charmander for $500 it's now worth over $3k. It just goes to show once something clicks you need to just go for it. Take a risk if you even consider that a risk. It's a freaking PSA 10 mint condition Pokemon card we used to love. It's art. Until next time that just got me thinking. What could be next? Old video games, collectibles, comics? Love you all!

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