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                   Team FlipFlip Application Form

We are a exclusive Discord Team that specializes in providing the best reselling information and tools. Putting you in the best possible position to learn and succeed. We teach how to use bots, purchase them, Amazon FBA, leads for in demand products daily, 24/7 support and a community of 900+ resellers fulltime/part time sharing info/leads, un-gating for amazon top brands, bot access knowledge, slots, a Poshmark auto share bot, free watchers by members on eBay, guides on every category, pricing error alerts, and much more. We have a community of 900+ resellers from beginners to full-time helping each other 24/7 in a LIVE Discord Chat. Applications are reviewed and a decision will be made within 48 hours of submission. Complete the form entirely or your application will be void. It's $100/Month or $1,000/Year to join the team if accepted.
Confirm your preferred payment email is submitted above. Membership is $100/Month or $1,000/Year to join if accepted. You'll receive a invite link and access to all of our content, videos, Discord live chat, and more if accepted. Once payment is complete you will see our Terms & Conditions. By submitting this application & payment you agree to them. Thank you & good luck!
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